How to survive a nuclear attack

Thian Wells, Staff Writer

People are afraid (rightly so) of the end of the world by Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.). So how can you survive a nuclear attack? In order to find out, you have to know what you’re trying to survive. There are two scenarios; the first is it’s only your city or state that was attacked by nuclear warheads, the second is countries are being bombarded by nuclear warheads. We will talk about how to survive both of those scenarios.

The first step is to prepare for an attack. First make a fallout shelter underground, preferably near your house or apartment. If you can’t make a fallout shelter, look for any buildings with a deep sealed basement. The second step is to buy long lasting food, the best is canned food and buy water. Buy enough of those things to last at least 2 weeks. Step 3, buy anything you need,  like a radio (preferably a hand crank radio), batteries, and more, but don’t buy things that you want, you don’t want to waist money and space.

Now its time to talk about how to survive a nuclear holocaust. First, what is a nuclear holocaust? To simply put it, it is when world-wide nuclear destruction happens. So we’re talking about having to survive for years or even decades. The first step is to make a fallout shelter. The second step to survive is to stockpile on food, water, and medicine. Then when the bombs do fall, don’t look at the blast; go into your fallout shelter; take a shower; do not use shampoo, conditioner, and or body wash; change your clothes. Make the fallout shelter your new home for years until it’s safe to go outside again. Sadly, that’s all you can do. These are just the basics, so I recommend finding trustworthy sources for more information on how to survive a nuclear attack.