We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do

Central Celebrates Halloween Through Community Events

Maddy Huffman, Writer

When the leaves start to turn and a chill hits the air everyone knows it is time for Halloween. In preparation for Halloween the students at Central High School began to get into the spirit. Multiple clubs, sports, students, and faculty members all came together to spread their spirit with the community through a few different events. The first event was a Trunk or Treat put on by Central’s Key Club, with many different groups from Central participating. The second activity was put on by both Student Senate and Key Club. This event was Trick or Trash a Central Parking lot cleanup. These events embodied the spirit of Halloween and the spirit of Central.

Trunk or Treat took place on Friday, October 21st, at Central High School. This event was open to not only the Central Triad but also the other triads around the city. There was a large turnout of not only cars but trick or treaters as well. The event had more than 20 cars, ranging from Central clubs like Student Senate to the high schools volleyball team. Some cars were even put on by students who just wanted to do something for the community and for fun. Key Club gave out awards for the best decorated cars. The car that won first place was sponsored by National Art Honor Society, and was not a car but a boat! National Spanish Honor Society came in second with their Día de los Muertos themed car. Student Senate came in third with their scary Subaru. The most spirited award went the CHS Dance team who was full of pep at the event. Trunk or Treat is a great way for the school to give back to the community in a fun and exciting way. This event has been going on since 2020 when the club could no longer but on their annual Boo Fest. Despite this though the club is continuing to spread the Halloween spirit with their school and their community.

Key Club not only put on the Trunk or Treat event but they also helped Student Senate put on a Trick or Trash event. Trick or Trash involved a Central High School parking lot clean up. On Thursday, October 27th, instead of going home on their half day members of both Key Club and and Student Senate stayed after school to clean up the parking lots. They divided up the two student lots and the kids got to work picking up trash. By doing this the students were able to pick up multiple bags of trash that had been collecting around the parking lot. This ended up not only cleaning up the parking lots but also the environment. Even though Halloween is often considered a holiday for “younger” kids, teenagers still find things to do to embody the Halloween spirit.

Central is full of spirit whether it be school spirit or holiday spirit. Spirit is not something Central lacks and this allows for the school to put on events that embody all the forms of spirit that Central has. With Halloween being over, and Thanksgiving fast approaching, we will see what spirit and activities Central has to offer the community next.