Pep Rally

Nicolette Martinez

On Friday September 30, 2022, student senate put together a pep rally to determine royalty for homecoming and which grade gets the spirit stick. Students of all grades were wearing the same red “Central Indians, Together as one” that filled the stands in the field house, almost like a Red Sea! The 2022 Royalty was: Senior King and Queen were Cory Bomhoff and Megan Toth; Junior Prince and Princess James Brown and  Meadow King; Sophomore Duke and Duchess Tate Berry and Sophie McColl; and Freshman Baron and Baroness Austin Teasley and Isabelle Conwell. Afterwards the Central dance and cheer team put on an awesome performance. Great job ladies! Then it was a war for the spirit stick.The grade level that got the spirit stick was based on Best Dresssed for spirit week, Kahoot, Singalong, most votes for homecoming royalty, and the loudest chant. The fight for the spirit stick was on as it was a close match between the freshmen and the seniors.  The freshman had a strong showing for the song competition, but the seniors were given a second song to tighten the match.  It came down to the loudest chant which started off with Mrs. Whitworth saying “grade x let us hear your battle cry” then whatever grade level (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) it was would shout “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y victory is our battle cry.” Seniors won at the end and took home the spirit stick, but the freshman came in a close second. Good job to all the grades for participating!