Running the State

First and Second Place State Wins for Our Cross Country Team


Members of Central’s men’s cross country team including Will Barrington, Sr., and Bridger Brokaw, Jr. set the pace at the Little America cross country meet.

Madalyn Huffman, Writer

The Central High School Cross Country team has been making a name for themselves the past few years. The team works hard both in and out of season. This hard work has payed off for the team for yet another year. Coming off of a win for both the boys and girls at the 4A Regionals meet in Cheyenne, the Central girls placed first at the Wyoming state meet in Ethete, Wyoming. Sydney Morrell, 12 placed first in the state. Following behind her was Averie Perriton, 12 who placed in fourth, Emma Hofmeister, 11 who placed in ninth, and Rian Cordell-Reiner, 10 who placed in tenth. The girls placed first over their rival team Natrona County who lost to them by a whole six points. The boys team placed second right after their rivals Star Valley. Bridger Brokaw, 11 placed fifth and William Barrington, 12 placed sixth. Both the boys and the girls team are coming off first place overall wins from the 2021 cross country 4A state meet. The girls team, continues the streak and will hopefully continue it next year.

The team is still putting in the work as they prepare for not only indoor and outdoor track season but also Nike Cross Regionals where kids from states like Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii will be running. Some members of the cross country team will fly to Boise, Idaho to run in this meet and hopefully represent our school well. Our cross team puts in the effort and work to not only rise in the state but also rise as a team. The bond this team shares is special as they run miles with each other throughout the Central Triad, Wyoming, and the surrounding states. The athletes are working hard so they can add to the hardware that they are earning in Central’s name. Go Tribe!