Should We Be Worried of Nuclear devastation

Thian Wells, Contributor

Since North Korea tested their first nuclear warhead, people are worrying once again about nuclear devastation since the end of Cold War. People are getting ready and preparing for Nuclear Holocaust, but should they be afraid of Nuclear Devastation?  Will the world actually end in nuclear devastation very soon? To answer this question, we will have to look at the clock time til midnight.

Seven minutes til midnight was a way to find how close we are from nuclear devastation. The farther we are from midnight, the farther we are from nuclear devastation. The closer we are to midnight, the closer we are to nuclear devastation. When til midnight was made in 1945, we were 7 minutes til midnight; at the end of the Cold War in 1991, we were 17 minutes til midnight. Right now in 2019, we are 2 minutes til midnight, but how are we the closest we ever were to nuclear devastation. To answer this question, we need to talk about M.A.D.

M.A.D. stands for Mutually Assured Destruction, it means if you don’t launch weapons of mass destruction at me, I won’t launch weapons of mass destruction at you. If you don’t have any nuclear weapons, then you are not a target, but you will still get affected.  The bombs themselves won’t effect you if you are a nuke-less country, but the Nuclear Winter will.

Nuclear Winter is when the metal, wood, plastic, concrete, etc., burn and all of that smoke goes up into the stratosphere, and its blown all over the world causing temperatures to go down to 2-5 degrees Celsius. That temperature drop might not sound bad, but that would make the earth experience catastrophic damage. But should we be afraid, if that clock goes even closer to midnight? Yes, we should worry.