Trustees Award Large Number of Scholarships to CHS Seniors

The University of Wyoming recently awarded its most prestigious scholarship, The Trustees Scholarship, to 14 Central seniors.  This scholarship pays all expenses, including housing and books, to 100 students each year who are the top in the state academically and on ACT.

Those who received the honor will have all expenses paid by the university.  Central’s awardees include: Colter Anderson, Maren Anderson, Isabela Bivona, Bailey Bowcutt, Josh Broomfield, Jenna Goodrich, Julia Horst, Claudia Miller, Rudy Nesvik, Allison Ottoes, Maggie Rossman, Lauren Salsgiver, Austin Stephen, and Yingzhou “Jojo” Widi.

These students will be honored on Wednesday, March 13 at 2:30 with a signing ceremony in the CHS auditorium.