Phones “booted” out of class

FIFA World Cup causes students to get creative and teachers to go crazy

Madalyn Huffman

Phones, they have always been a problem in schools. Ever since COVID 19 hit in 2020, Central’s phone policy has been relaxed. Recently, teachers are getting very annoyed at students watching their phones. Why? Well, the FIFA World Cup started on November 21, 2022, in Qatar. This international soccer tournament will go until December 18, 2022, and so will the watching of the tournament.

High schoolers are extremely creative with following the game at school. Some teachers will allow their students to watch the game during class, instead of listening to music while the students work on their assignments. Other teachers won’t allow their students to watch the game at all, which causes students to get creative with how they watch the game. “I did throw a mild temper tantrum about it. I took a kid’s phone the other day cause he was watching. I’m ready for the tournament to be over. I’m over it, so over it,” Lorrie Bartow, teacher.  Some students watch the games in class on their phones. They put their phones behind their IPads and watch the games while their teachers teach. Other students have found websites on their IPads that allow them to watch the game without being caught by their teachers, and without having their phones out in class. With some teachers not allowing students on their IPads or their phones to watch the game it has been discovered that you can find out the score of the games on your Apple Watch. There are many ways of getting around your teachers to watch the game in class and teachers are fed up with this.

The United States lost to the Netherlands on Saturday, December 3, and is officially out of the World Cup. The question remains, will students continue to watch the World Cup in class? Students normally support more than one country, so it shouldn’t matter with the U.S. being out of the tournament. The World Cup brings many students joy while bringing many teachers headaches. The World Cup shows how innovative students can be when it comes to not getting school work done. With two more weeks of school and the tournament continuing till December 18, 2022 we will just have to see how much students continue to watch, and which country will take home the win in the end.