NFL’s Playtime Politicos

Anthony Aquilar, Staff Member

THOSE ARROGANT MILLIONAIRES-If you’re a football fan, you’re likely aware of the recent controversy that’s sparked such brazen bellicose within our national sport. The putrid stench that has infected our national passtime, according to some, must be effaced ASAP. To others, as it would seem however, this serves as a fair expression of free speech within our prominent American society.

The people of America regard the NFL as a source of entertainment, a glorious bastion of  betting, brutality, brazenry and the beautification of banishing brain cells nobody was planning on using anyhow. Football is a sport that Americans watch for excitement, pure enjoyment, and entertainment, not a political statement, and many patriotic Americans would agree that is how it should remain. People like Colin Kaepernick, Steph Curry, and LeBron James have yet to find a way to end police brutality that actually works, because libelously slandering our president and engendering more divisiveness on social media surely does not.

These fools that are destroying the proud reputation of the NFL are not only unaware of the rage of their fan base, but are unaware of the real and more important issues that are currently afflicting this world. From widows being shunned and abused in India, to average citizens being murdered by the dozen in Syria, these football players need to do a severe reevaluation of just how unfortunate their circumstances in America are faring. There were just 258 deaths in America concerning black people suffering under police brutality in 2016.  According to, there were 494 confirmed killings of whites in 2016. Black people are also twice as likely to commit crimes in proportion to white people. It is also not unlikely that a there were a far greater amount of instances that would qualify as police brutality that afflicted white people, these happenings however will go unrepresented to the extent as would be seen with any minority due to the singular devotion of the very notion of racial preeminence which fuels all race related movements, further fueled as well, by social media. The same diversified platform which promotes this NFL nuance.

Ten people die in Africa every minute from hunger. This may be compared to thousands of protesters complaining, of some perceived “transgression” of their natural rights. The NFL players who “take a knee” are taking much more than just a knee. They are taking a drastic step in effacing the unity that is responsible for our country’s perseverance through these most vulnerable of times. Through a particularly devastating hurricane season, through the hate of Antifa, through the mass mobilization of Russian troops along its East European borders, and to the prospect of nuclear Armageddon between North Korea and our beloved nation, these players are attempting to manipulate the platform of which they have been given by the people into some sort of dastardly political machine, a great vessel of discord and angering the heck out of some financially struggling American tax payers who only want a place of relief from the harsh realities of life.

If anything, these players shouldn’t be fired for disrespecting America, they should be fired for exorbitantly exploiting the chance that they have been given in full faith that they would not accept bribes, unallowably tampering with the conduct of fair football, or illegally defacing the sport in pursuit of personal desire or pretension.