State cheer and dance competition takes place in Casper, CHS makes showing

Chase Vogel, Editor-in-Chief

   Casper, Wyoming, was the home to state spirit 2011 annual competition. Cheyenne Central cheer and dance teams both competed to prove they know how to pump it up.

   State cheer owns the same atmosphere as any other state competition. Hundreds of seasoned cheerleaders and dancers took center mat at the Casper Events Center to perform routines each squad had worked on during the course of the year.

   In the cheer competition there are three categories squads can compete in. First is all-girl non-stunt where no tumbling or stunting is allowed. After that all-girl stunt in which the girls are allowed to tumble and perform the more challenging techniques. Lastly in the cheer competition is coed stunt. The rules are the same as all-girl stunt, except male cheerleaders are also incorporated into the routine.

   Central cheerleaders performed in two categories this year: all-girl stunt and coed stunt. The girls had strong performances in each category.

   Senior Caitlin Boreczky in regards to the team’s performance stated, “We went out and did our best at all girl and it helped us get rid of our bad nerves for coed. We hit everything in coed and did really well.”

   The cheer team placed third and second in all-girl and coed, respectively.

   This year was an awesome experience,” said Amanda Morman, junior. “Going to Las Vegas for nationals was definitely an unforgettable experience. Even though we didn’t take state, it was an amazing year,” she continued.

   The dance team had an outstanding year just as the cheer team did.

   The dance team performed after all the cheer performances were finished. Although the team did not bring home a trophy, senior dance captain Alexis Vercher was more than pleased with her team’s performance.

   “I am so proud of my team,” said Vercher. “Even coming from a national champion team, I couldn’t be more pleased with our performances.”

   Cheer and dance tryouts take place in the fall. For more information on joining either or both of the admirable teams, speak to Ms. Whitworth for more information.

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